FI 20190305 Retirement Workshop

2019 Retirement Planning Workshop

Begin preparing for retirement with this annual VCRTA sponsored Retirement Planning workshop.

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Date: March 5, 2019
TIME: 4:00 PM
Location: Sarah Scott Middle School, 1000 Grant Street, Terre Haute IN 47802
Status: Scheduled
Organizer: Jennie LaRoche
Event Type: Past Event, Workshop


Should I retire at 62 or is it 65 or can I retire earlier? What is this ‘Rule of 80’ notion? Are TERF and PERF different?  What do all of these things have to do if you are thinking about retiring?

VCRTA hosted its annual retirement planning workshop for Vigo County School Corporation teachers, administrators, and staff who were considering retirement. Joe Coffman, a representative of the Coffman Financial Group and Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA), provided general retirement information, calculation procedures, potential pension options/choices, and general social security information.

All Vigo County School Corporation employees were encouraged to attend the retirement planning workshop either immediately before considering retirement or years in advance to better plan for the ultimate retirement date.

The 2019 VCRTA Retirement Planning Workshop had 45 participants this year in addition to our VCRTA members Jennie L., Teresa H., and Brenda W.

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