FI 20201231 Volunteering

2020 Volunteerism

Join us and look back at some of our volunteering efforts in 2020.

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Date: December 31, 2020
Location: Not Applicable
Status: Scheduled
Organizer: VCRTA
Event Type: Past Event, Volunteering


Despite being a very difficult year, our VCRTA members volunteered to help in several ways throughout our community. Our members reported more than 3,500 hours during this challenging year. Volunteering by teaching children business concepts; supporting a local nonprofit diaper bank by repackaging diapers; working with a local nonprofit organization by documenting Vigo County historic educational artifacts; volunteering with “Night to Shine” to stand and celebrate people with special needs; performing community clean up work; or donating school supplies to local schools, these are just a few of the ways our members have reached out to give back to our community.

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