FI 20221231 Volunteering

2022 Volunteerism

VCRTA continues to volunteer to give back to the community. Check out some of our volunteering activities in 2022.

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Date: December 31, 2022
Location: Not Applicable
Status: Scheduled
Event Type: Volunteering


VCRTA members are good at heart and enjoy giving back to the community. While our members have still remained cautious due to COVID-19, collectively we still volunteered 6,300 hours to the community in a number of ways this year. Our members volunteer more than what they report, a true sign of gracious giving. Our association has volunteered more than 305,000 hours since 2005.

In addition to our association’s quarterly service projects (which we received an IRTA 2022 Award for Group Project), we’ve seen members volunteer at local non-profit historical organizations, volunteer working with children in both educational and church related activities, created hand made dresses for high-school dances, volunteered on state level IRTA positions, and represented our association at state level IRTA meetings.

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