FI 20190812 Autumn Service Project

August 2019 Autumn Service Projects

Join us our two Autumn Service Projects. Help provide school supplies to teachers and needy students and bring in magazines to support local hospital intensive care units (ICUs).

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Date: August 12, 2019
Location: MCL Banquet Room, 3 Meadows Shopping Center, Terre Haute IN 47803
Status: Scheduled
Organizer: Brenda Walls
Event Type: Past Event, Volunteering


August kicked off our Autumn Service Project.  In the past, VCRTA had always collected school supplies for local elementary schools. This year, VCRTA decided to collect school supplies for a local middle school, Woodrow Wilson Middle School. In addition to a full table of school supplies, VCRTA members donated $90 to Woodrow Wilson for the purchase of additional school supplies that might be needed for their students.

VCRTA also kicked off a new service project. Following the experiences of a few members who underwent days of worrying about loved ones in local hospital intensive care units (ICUs), members donated magazines that will be distributed to the Union Hospital and Regional Hospital ICUs. This new service project will be an ongoing as we collect magazines at luncheons for the foreseeable future.

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