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January 2016 Executive Committee Meeting

The VCRTA Executive Committee along with all committee chairpersons will be meeting to conduct association business.

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Date: January 11, 2016
TIME: 9:30 AM
Location: Vigo County Public Library, 1 Library Square, Terre Haute IN 47807
Status: Scheduled
Organizer: John Gettinger
Event Type: Executive Meeting, Past Event


The VCRTA Executive Committee along with all committee chairpersons met for the January regular meeting.

The VCRTA Executive Committee meets regularly to conduct the business of the association. Minutes from the prior meeting are reviewed, the financial status of the association is analyzed, and reports from each officer and committee chairperson are provided. The Executive Committee addresses any new regular business and any upcoming IRTA opportunities that impact the association.

After many years, the VCRTA Executive Committee made the decision to update the association’s logo. VCRTA’s logo is moving from the blue “lamp of knowledge” logo to the red “apple” logo which will be more closely aligned with that of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA) logo as well as be more associated with education and learning.

VCRTA is attempting to reach out to a younger generation of teachers and administrators with a new logo, updated website, and by communicating through social media.

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