FI 20171120 Winter Service Project

November 2017 Winter Service Project

VCRTA members volunteer to help the community during the Salvation Army 2017 Red Kettle campaign.

Event Information


Date: November 20, 2017
Location: Not Applicable
Status: Scheduled
Organizer: Millie Vaughn
Event Type: Past Event, Volunteering


Members of the Vigo County Retired Teachers Association volunteered to ring the bell as part of the association’s winter service project to support the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign. Volunteers rang the bell over five days at the Terre Haute Kroger South location. VCRTA volunteers were ringing 1 of the approximately 25,000 bells at the same time across the country.

This year the VCRTA happily volunteered over 80 hours and collected $2,340.80, a 28% increase over last year’s collected donations, to help the Salvation Army reach the 2017 Red Kettle campaign goal of $250,000. The Salvation Army noted that just two hours of ringing a bell at a red kettle can raise enough money to feed a family of four for a week.

The volunteers this year include:  Patricia C., Jim C., Brenda W., David W., Joyce K., Marilyn K., Julia B., Millie V., Ruth I., Pat A., Judy M., Dorothy S., Kathie D., Myrna E., Susan R., Susie J., Jennie L., Saundra N., Jackie L., Ann D., JoAnn B., Ann B., Trannie G., Bertie S., Jan S., Glenda H., Vicki C., Diane S., Karen P-K., John G., Sandy B., Mary H., Carol C., Dave L., and Le Anna L.