The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association currently has seven committees that perform specific tasks for the association.  Current Standing Committees include:  the Communications (Calling) Committee, Community Service Committee, Legislative Issues Committee, Membership Committee, Necrology Committee, Pre-Retirement Committee, and the Publicity Committee.

Ad-hoc committees are formed as needed to address short term responsibilities.

Communications Committee

The Communication, or Calling, Committee is responsible for contacting members of the VCRTA for the purposes of confirming reservations to the luncheons or as needed to quickly disseminate information to the association.

Communications Committee Chairperson – Helen Joseph


Community Service Committee

The Community Service Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and coordinating all organization community service events during the year.  The Community Service Committee also collects and reports the number of hours that the organization volunteers in the community throughout the year to the Indiana Retired Teachers Association.

Community Service Committee Chairperson – TBA


Legislative Issues Committee

The Legislative Issues Committee is responsible for monitoring policies, procedures, and legislation occurring at the state and local levels of government that either positively or negatively impacts the VCRTA membership or public/private education in general.  The Legislative Issues Committee reports concerns to the association throughout the year as needed.

Legislative Issues Committee Chairperson – Julia Bonham


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for increasing the membership, both regular and associate, of the association; collecting dues; and updating contact information for each VCRTA member.  The Membership Committee publishes contact information for all VCRTA members in an annual membership booklet.

Membership Committee Chairperson – Karen Long
Associate Membership – Jim Cottom


Necrology Committee

The Necrology Committee monitors and records the passing of VCRTA members throughout the year and recognizes the departed during a special necrology ceremony at the December luncheon.

Necrology Committee Chairperson – Peggy Cox


Pre-Retirement Planning Committee

The Pre-Retirement Planing Committee holds a retirement planning workshop traditionally in the spring of the year to assist Vigo County teachers and administrators that are considering retirement.  With the assistance of IRTA representatives, the retirement planning workshop helps individuals understand general retirement information, calculation procedures, potential pension options, and address general social security information.

Pre-Retirement Planning Committee Chairperson – Teresa Hewitt


Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee is responsible for photographing members volunteering and/or participating in events throughout the community, writes articles for local newspapers that showcases VCRTA’s activity in the community, maintains a scrapbook of all association related events, and reports information to the Indiana Retired Teachers Association.

Publicity Committee Chairperson – Jennie LaRoche


Ad-Hoc Committees

The VCRTA has three ad-hoc committees that have short term responsibilities.  The ad-hoc committees include the Auditing Committee, Constitution and By-Laws Committee, and the Nominations Committee.