Did you miss a luncheon in 2014?  Are you looking for a special photo from one of the meetings?  Would you just like to look back over 2014 to see what events went on in the VCRTA?

Images throughout 2014 are presented on this page.  Check out the other six archive pages for photos from 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

February 2014 Luncheon – Valentine Bingo

Vigo County Retired Teachers Association members enjoyed a wonderful lunch along with great conversation before having a short presentation from the Indiana Retired Teachers Association Area 4 Director.  Members were recognized by the Community Service chairperson for outstanding volunteering efforts in 2013.  Lastly, members enjoyed the traditional February Valentine’s Bingo fun with “don’t clear your board” bingo games.  Winners were slow to start but winning picked up quickly and everyone had fun.


March 2014 Executive Board Meeting

The VCRTA Executive Committee meets regularly to conduct the business of the association.  Minutes from the prior meeting are reviewed, the financial status of the association is analyzed, and reports from each officer and committee chairperson are provided.  The Executive Committee addresses any new regular business and any upcoming IRTA opportunities that impact the association.

The schedule and any meeting details for upcoming Executive Committee meetings can be found on the Calendar page.


April 2014 Luncheon – SCUBA Diving

The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association members had an enjoyable luncheon followed by a presentation on SCUBA diving from two master divers.  The presentation discussed the basics and preparations behind scuba diving, provided photos from various diving sites from around the world, and recommendations on how to become certified to become a diver.


VCRTA 05/07/14 Excellence In Education

VCRTA member Brenda Walls was awarded the Vigo County 2014 Excellence in Education award by the Vigo County Education Foundation for her work as a life long educator, volunteer, and mentor.


June 2014 Luncheon – Art Spaces

VCRTA members had a wonderful luncheon followed by a presentation from Wabash Valley Art Spaces on “The Year of the River.”  The presentation covered the purpose of the Wabash Valley Art Spaces organization, their work to bring art to the community, and to introduce their upcoming project on “The Year of the River.”

Additionally, new Vigo County Retired Teacher Association officers were inducted.


August 2014 Luncheon – Performing Arts Workshop Production

VCRTA members participated in their autumn service project, the annual School Supplies drive.  The supplies collected this year were donated to Lost Creek Elementary School.  In addition, VCRTA members donated funds to support the Salvation Army School Supplies fund.

Students in the 2014 Performing Arts Workshop presented Don’t Say No to the U.S.O. during the luncheon.  Special guest Holly Pies and Karen Crispin provided background information about the summer program and received VCRTA’s support for their ongoing work.


October 2014 Luncheon – Vigo County Parks Department

The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association members had an enjoyable luncheon followed by a presentation from the Vigo County Parks Department.  Adam Grossman, Assistant Superintendent of the Vigo County Parks Department, provided an overview of the facilities and services that are currently available and improvements to Vigo County parks.  Amber Slaughterbeck, Natural Resources Programmer for Vigo County Parks, provided an overview of upcoming nature programs for the community.


December 2014 Luncheon – Holiday Music Celebration

Members of VCRTA were given a special presentation of holiday music by the Terre Haute North Vigo High School Choir.

VCRTA members whom had passed away during 2014 were recognized during the Necrology ceremony.  Volunteer hours for 2014 were collected and will be reported to the Indiana Retired Teachers Association and to the association during the February luncheon.