Did you miss a luncheon in 2016?  Are you looking for a special photo from one of the meetings?  Would you just like to look back over 2016 to see what events went on in the VCRTA?

Images throughout 2016 are presented on this page.  Check out the other six archive pages for photos from 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

VCRTA 01/11/16 Logo Change

After many years, the VCRTA Executive Committee made the decision to update the association’s logo.  VCRTA’s logo is moving from the blue “lamp of knowledge” logo to the red “apple” logo which will be more closely aligned with that of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA) logo as well as be more associated with education and learning.

VCRTA is attempting to reach out to a younger generation of teachers and administrators with a new logo, updated website, and by communicating through social media.


February 2016 Luncheon – Valentine Bingo

VCRTA members enjoyed a wonderful lunch along with great conversation before having several short presentations.  The Vigo County Clerk encouraged VCRTA members to sign up to work at polling stations for either the primary and/or the general election.  VCRTA members involved with the Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA) provided an overview of the organization and its activities.  VCRTA members recognized by IRTA for their community service were presented certificates for their achievement.

Lastly, members enjoyed the traditional February Valentine’s Bingo fun with “don’t clear your board” bingo games.  Winners were slow to start but winning picked up quickly and everyone had fun.


March 2016 Executive Board Meeting

The VCRTA Executive Committee meets regularly to conduct the business of the association.  Minutes from the prior meeting are reviewed, the financial status of the association is analyzed, and reports from each officer and committee chairperson are provided.  The Executive Committee addresses any new regular business and any upcoming IRTA opportunities that impact the association.


March 2016 Retirement Planning Workshop

VCRTA hosted its annual retirement planning workshop for Vigo County School Corporation teachers, administrators, and staff who are considering retirement.  Representatives of the Coffman Financial Group and Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA) Steve Coffman and Joe Coffman, provided general retirement information, calculation procedures, potential pension options/choices, and general social security information.

All Vigo County School Corporation employees are encouraged to attend the retirement planning workshop either immediately before considering retirement or years in advance to better plan for the ultimate retirement date.

The 2016 VCRTA Retirement Planning Workshop had over 65 participants, 2 IRTA representative, and VCRTA members Jennie L., Diane S., Brenda W., and Nina C.


April 2016 Luncheon – Wellness Center

VCRTA members enjoyed a wonderful luncheon and the company of fellow members before engaging in a special presentation by the Wellness Center of Terre Haute.  The program encouraged everyone to keep moving and to stay active.


VCRTA Recognizes Longtime Membership Chairperson

The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association would like to recognize the dedication of longtime Membership chairperson Lorraine Brett.  2016 marks Lorraine’s 15th year as the association’s Membership chairperson.  As she passes the position to her successor, her efforts will not be forgotten.  She has served VCRTA well.


VCRTA 04/08/16 Supports Elementary Battle of the Books

Vigo County Retired Teachers Association members served as score keepers, timers, and judges for the Vigo County School Corporation 2016 Elementary Battle of the Books competition.  VCRTA wants to congratulate all of the elementary school participants.


VCRTA 05/04/16 Excellence In Education

VCRTA member Guy Dillard was awarded the Vigo County 2015 Excellence in Education award by the Vigo County Education Foundation for his work as a life long educator, administrator, volunteer, and mentor.


VCRTA 05/13/16 Receives IRTA Recognition

The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association has been selected by the IRTA Public Relations Committee as a winner for the Publicity (Outstanding), Community Project (August School Supply Drive), and Website (Outstanding) awards.


June 2016 Luncheon – IRTA State Board Area 4 Representative Update

Special guest speaker and IRTA State Board Area 4 Representative Kenneth Pierce provided an overview of ongoing activities with the Indiana Retired Teachers Association, a review of 2015-2016 state legislative activities impacting the association, and an overview of existing and new IRTA member benefits.

Following the IRTA update, Jane Nichols of the Vigo County Education Foundation thanked the VCRTA for all its work in the past and discussed options for supporting VCEF in the future.  A “Mini-Grant Challenge” was issued by Vigo County School Board and VCRTA member Jackie L. to help raise funds to support mini-grants for the coming school year.  In a matter of minutes, the challenge was met and over $700 was raised for the VCEF mini-grant program.

VCRTA will have a new Vice President beginning in July.  Millie V. will be taking over for Diane S.  After many years of service, Lorraine B. will be stepping down as the Membership Committee chairperson.  Jim C. has graciously volunteered to lead the Membership Committee.

Lastly, VCRTA was recognized by the Salvation Army for its support during the 2015 Bell Ringing season.  JoAnn B. presented the certificate and urged everyone to join the 2016 Bell Ringing winter service project.


VCRTA 06/13/16 Mini-Grant Challenge

In a spontaneous dollar for dollar Mini-Grant Challenge, VCRTA members attending the June 13, 2016, luncheon raised over $700 to support the Vigo County Education Foundation Mini-Grant program that will help fund innovative grants in the upcoming school year in Vigo County.


August 2016 Luncheon – Autumn Service Project and Performing Arts Workshop

VCRTA members participated in their autumn service project, the annual School Supplies drive.  The supplies collected this year were donated to Farrington Grove Elementary School.  In addition, VCRTA members donated over $50 for the Salvation Army School Supplies fund.

Students in the 2016 Performing Arts Workshop presented Disco Knights during the luncheon.  Special guest Holly Pies and Karen Crispin provided background information about the summer program and received VCRTA’s support for their ongoing work.


October 2016 Luncheon – Identity Theft

Special guest speaker Detective David Thompson of the Terre Haute Police Department addressed the VCRTA with a presentation on identity theft.  Detective Thompson provided examples of identity theft that had occurred and are currently occurring in Vigo County.  Detective Thompson gave suggestions on how to avoid being a victim of identity theft.

Steve Beebe of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association gave an update on legislative issues affecting the organization.  Mr. Beebe encouraged all VCRTA members to vote on election day and recommended people research the stance on both education and IRTA retirement fund management.  The VCRTA Legislative Issues chairperson also encouraged members to vote during the 2016 general election and to understand how various candidates stood on educational issues.

The VCRTA Community Service chairperson reminded all members to begin recording each persons yearly volunteer hours.  The 2016 Volunteer Hours forms will be distributed and collected during the December General Meeting.


November 2016 Winter Service Project – Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign Bell Ringing

Members of the Vigo County Retired Teachers Association volunteered to ring the bell as part of the association’s winter service project to support the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign.  Forty volunteers rang the bell over five days at the Terre Haute Kroger South location.  The Salvation Army noted that just two hours of ringing a bell at a red kettle can raise enough money to feed a family of four for a week.

This year the VCRTA happily volunteered over 80 hour and collected $1,829.18 in donations to help the Salvation Army reach the 2016 Red Kettle campaign goal of $205,000.

The volunteers this year include:  Brenda W., David W., Margaret G., Lorraine B., Glenda H., Vicki C., Le Anna L., Dave L., Mona B., Patricia Y., Jim C., Judy M., Dorothy S., Jan S., Bertie S., Brenda C., Sharon J., Trannie G., Jackie L., Joyce K., Marilyn K., Ruth I., Karen P-K., Diane S., Julie S., Ann B., Sandy B., Leathia N., JoAnn B., Millie V., Sheri H., Pat A., Saundra N., Dale F., Jenny L., Venita G., Mel G., John G., Ann D., and Guy D.


December 2016 Luncheon – Holiday Music Celebration

Members of VCRTA were given a special presentation of holiday music by the Woodrow Wilson Middle School Choir under the direction of Erin Reger.

VCRTA members whom had passed away during 2016 were recognized during the Necrology ceremony.  Volunteer hours for 2016 were collected and will be reported to the Indiana Retired Teachers Association and to the association during the February luncheon.

The VCRTA winter service project (Salvation Army Bell Ringing) raised $1,829.18 to support ongoing efforts of the Salvation Army.