Did you miss a luncheon in 2018?  Are you looking for a special photo from one of the meetings?  Would you just like to look back over 2018 to see what events went on in the VCRTA?

Images throughout 2018 are presented on this page.  Check out the other six archive pages for photos from 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019.

February 2018 Luncheon – Valentine Bingo

VCRTA members enjoyed a wonderful lunch along with great conversation before having a short presentation from the Legislative Affairs chairperson.  The challenges of legislative district gerrymandering were discussed along with the history of the term.  The chairperson encouraged everyone to support efforts to quash gerrymandering at all levels of government.  VCRTA welcomed first time attendees Angel M. and Vanta B.

Lastly, members enjoyed the traditional February Valentine’s Bingo fun with “don’t clear your board” bingo games.  Winners were slow to start but winning picked up quickly and everyone had fun.


March 2018 – Retirement Planning Workshop

VCRTA hosted its annual retirement planning workshop for Vigo County School Corporation teachers, administrators, and staff who are considering retirement.  Joe Coffman, a representative of the Coffman Financial Group and Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA), provided general retirement information, calculation procedures, potential pension options/choices, and general social security information.

All Vigo County School Corporation employees are encouraged to attend the retirement planning workshop either immediately before considering retirement or years in advance to better plan for the ultimate retirement date.

The 2018 VCRTA Retirement Planning Workshop had over 35 participants, 1 IRTA representative, and VCRTA members Jennie L., Millie V., and Brenda W.


April 2018 Luncheon – Spring Service Project and IRTA Area 4 Update

The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association members had an enjoyable luncheon, participated in the association’s spring service project, and received an IRTA update from Area 4 Director Ken Pierce.

VCRTA participated in their second annual Spring Service Project.  In an effort to help combat child food insecurity in Vigo County and the greater Wabash Valley, VCRTA members collected individually wrapped nutritional food items for the Catholic Charities Backpack Program.  VCRTA members learned last year that there are over 13,000 people that are food insecure and that over 1,000 backpacks are sent out every Friday during the school year to help address the overwhelming need.

VCRTA members collected a table loaded with approximately 50 pounds of nutritional individually wrapped food items and collected approximately $100 in monetary donations to support the Backpack Program.

Ken Pierce, IRTA Area 4 Director, gave an update on legislative issues that IRTA was following throughout the 2017-2018 legislative session and the upcoming special session, reminded everyone about their IRTA membership benefits, and introduced Lynn Cox as the likely Area 4 Director starting in June 2018.  Ken was given special recognition for supporting VCRTA during his tenure as Area 4 Director.

President Millie Vaughn announced that the 2018 Excellence In Education Award for a Retired Teacher was being awarded to Diane Songer.  All VCRTA members are encouraged to make reservations and attend the Excellence In Education Awards Banquet on May 10, 2018 at Saint Mary of the Woods College.


May 2018 Executive Board Meeting

The VCRTA Executive Committee meets regularly to conduct the business of the association.  Minutes from the prior meeting are reviewed, the financial status of the association is analyzed, and reports from each officer and committee chairperson are provided.  The Executive Committee addresses any new regular business and any upcoming IRTA opportunities that impact the association.

The schedule and any meeting details for upcoming Executive Committee meetings can be found on the Calendar page.


June 2018 Luncheon – VCRTA Website Overview

The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association members had a busy June meeting.  In addition to the traditional fun-filled luncheon, the members discussed the change in association dues and what prompted the change.  VCRTA members were notified of the upcoming IRTA Representative Assembly where VCRTA was prepared to receive several awards.

VCRTA members were given a light-hearted overview of the association’s website by the VCRTA webmaster and photographer, David Walls.

Members were reminded to bring school supplies for the August luncheon as part of the annual VCRTA Autumn Service Project.


August 2018 Luncheon – Westminster Village Overview and Autumn Service Project

VCRTA members enjoyed their August 2018 luncheon of food and fellowship with one another before an informative presentation by Dan Smith and Kate Webster of Westminster Village.  The presentation covered an overview of opportunities and amenities that Westminster Village has to offer.  Anyone interested in additional information should contact Westminster Village for additional details.

August is also time for the Vigo County Retired Teachers Association members to join in on the Autumn Service Project.  Each year, VCRTA members bring school supplies and/or monetary donations that go to purchase school supplies.  This year, VCRTA selected Fayette Elementary School to receive the collected supplies.  VCRTA collected over $140 that will be donated to the Salvation Army for the purchase of school supplies.

VCRTA welcomed six newly retired teachers to the luncheon and invites all newly retired teachers to join the organization at future events.


VCRTA 08/15/18 Autumn Service Project

VCRTA members collected three huge boxes of school supplies for their 2018 Autumn Service Project.  Paper, pencils, pens, folders, notebooks, glue, markers, boxes of tissues, scissors and over 20 pounds of crayons made up the collection.  VCRTA selected Fayette Elementary School as the recipient of the collected supplies.

VCRTA Community Service Chairperson Suzy R. and President-Elect Brenda W. give the school supplies to Fayette Elementary Principal Janel Bonomo.  Principal Bonomo greatly appreciated the supplies and remarked that the Fayette community comes together to help each other and that this would be well used throughout the year.

VCRTA members also collected over $140 for school supplies that will be provided through the Salvation Army.


October 2018 Luncheon – Vigo County School Corporation Superintendent Introduction

A new Vigo County School Corporation superintendent was installed in July 2018.  Special guest speaker and newly appointed superintendent, Dr. Robert Haworth, addressed the VCRTA with an informal discussion of his background and his desire for public education to succeed in Vigo County.  Dr. Haworth provided his thoughts and expressed his desire to listen to retired teachers as they have an important perspective to share in shaping the future of the school corporation and to help identify opportunities in an upcoming strategic planning series of events.

The informal discussion with Superintendent Haworth was a great success.  In addition to meeting the new superintendent, his designation as the program speaker encouraged a greater number of VCRTA members to attend.  We hope this is a continuing trend.

VCRTA members were encouraged to sign up for bell ringing as part of our winter service project to assist the Vigo County Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign.  Members were also encouraged to begin/continue documenting their volunteer hours.  Volunteer hours will be collected at the December luncheon.


November 2018 Winter Service Project – Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign

Members of the Vigo County Retired Teachers Association volunteered to ring the bell as part of the association’s winter service project to support the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign.  Volunteers rang the bell over five days at the Terre Haute Kroger South location.  VCRTA volunteers were ringing 1 of the approximately 25,000 bells at the same time across the country.

This year the VCRTA happily volunteered over 75 hours and collected $2,809.48 from the community.  The Salvation Army noted that just two hours of ringing a bell at a red kettle can raise enough money to feed a family of four for a week.

The local 2018 fundraising goal is $140,000.  Of the money collected, 90% will stay in the Wabash Valley to support the food pantry and the “Pathway to Hope” program and the remaining 10% will go to the divisional headquarters.

Last year’s $2,340.80 collection was a 28% increase over the prior year’s collected donations, to help the Salvation Army reach the 2017 Red Kettle campaign goal of $250,000.  This year, VCRTA’s collection of $2,809.45 amounted to 2% of the Salvation Army’s 2018 Red Kettle campaign goal with an increase of 20% over the prior year’s collected donations.

The volunteers this year include:  Teresa H., Sharon M., David W., Glenda H., Vicki C., Julia B., Millie V., Jennie L., Carol C., Ruth I., Anne D., Sharon J., JoAnn B., Saundra N., Pat A., Susie C., Sheri H., Karen L., Kathie D., Suzy R., Suzanne J., Ann B., Helen B., Joyce K., Marilyn K., Mary Helen F., Brenda C., Janella K., Pam H., Jan S., Bertie S., Pattie C., Jim C., Ken P., Susie P., Diane S., and Karen P-K.


December 2018 Luncheon – Holiday Music Celebration

Members of VCRTA were given a special presentation of holiday music this year.  While the association attempts to have musical performances every year to celebrate the holidays, this year’s performance was very special.

Prior to his passing, longtime VCRTA member Mel Gastineau arranged to have the McCullough family perform a selection of holiday music for the association.  While bittersweet, the McCullough family gave a wonderful performance.

VCRTA members whom had passed away during 2018 were recognized during the Necrology ceremony.  Volunteer hours for 2018 were collected and will be reported to the Indiana Retired Teachers Association and to the association during the February luncheon.

Results of the VCRTA winter service project (Salvation Army Bell Ringing) have not been provided yet but will be reported once received.  While the Salvation Army had a local goal of raising $180,000, VCRTA is anxiously hoping to have collected more this year than in 2017.