Did you miss a luncheon in 2019?  Are you looking for a special photo from one of the meetings?  Would you just like to look back over 2019 to see what events went on in the VCRTA?

Images throughout 2019 are presented on this page.  Check out the other six archive pages for photos from 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

February 2019 Luncheon – 65th Anniversary Celebration

Established February 15th, 1954 and Celebrating 65 Years in 2019

The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association celebrated its 65th anniversary with a special luncheon, guest speakers, and memories from our beginning.  Founded just four short years after the Indiana Retired Teachers Association was founded, our members look back over the past 65 years with pride.

Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett helped launch the celebration with a special citywide proclamation.

Following a wonderful luncheon meal and a special anniversary cake to celebrate the occasion, IRTA Executive Director Tom Mellish conveyed his best wishes along with celebratory wishes from IRTA President Jane Boltinghouse.  Lynn Cox, IRTA Area 4 Director, gave a short message of congratulations along with her well wishes for the organization.

VCRTA honored its past Presidents with a roll call of names and dates of service since the inception of the association.  Those living past Presidents in attendance were presented with a celebratory certificate.  The association also honored its currently serving officers and committee chairpersons.

President Millie Vaughn expressed her appreciation to everyone who helped develop VCRTA’s inaugural newsletter “The Connection” and encouraged everyone to enjoy the publication.


March 2019 – Retirement Planning Workshop

Should I retire at 62 or is it 65 or can I retire earlier?  What is this ‘Rule of 80’ notion?  Are TERF and PERF different?  What do all of these things have to do if you are thinking about retiring?

VCRTA hosted its annual retirement planning workshop for Vigo County School Corporation teachers, administrators, and staff who are considering retirement.  Joe Coffman, a representative of the Coffman Financial Group and Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA), provided general retirement information, calculation procedures, potential pension options/choices, and general social security information.

All Vigo County School Corporation employees are encouraged to attend the retirement planning workshop either immediately before considering retirement or years in advance to better plan for the ultimate retirement date.

The 2019 VCRTA Retirement Planning Workshop had 45 participants this year in addition to our VCRTA members Jennie L., Teresa H., and Brenda W.


April 2019 – Spring Service Project and April Fool’s Bingo

The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association members recollected on the wonderful 65th Anniversary luncheon, enjoyed fellowship with members during our April luncheon, participated in the association’s spring service project, and enjoyed a quick round of April Fool’s Bingo.

VCRTA members joined in overwhelmingly in our annual Spring Service Project.  VCRTA members collected individually wrapped nutritious kid friendly food items to help support the Terre Haute Catholic Charities Backpack Program.  We remembered the sadness of seeing hungry children in the classroom and decided to take action once again.  Supporting the Terre Haute Catholic Charities Backpack Program gave members the opportunity to provide over 100 pounds of kid friendly food items and over $130 in monetary donations for food insecure students.

The Backpack Program feeds over 19,600 students in West Central Indiana who are on free or reduced priced lunches.  VCRTA members consider this service project a worthwhile effort and hope our contribution benefits many.  VCRTA Community Service Chairperson Suzy R. and Communications Chairperson Helen J. coordinated the delivery of the donated items and money to Catholic Charities.


June 2019 – Vigo County Y and New Officer Installation

Members of the Vigo County Retired Teachers Association enjoyed an enthusiastic presentation by Vigo County Y Wellness Director, Kaylee Maffioli.  Members were encouraged to ask questions as well as understand all of the opportunities for wellness and senior services.  VCRTA members were also encouraged to volunteer with programs offered by the Y that need community participation especially by former educators.

In addition to the presentation, members enjoyed fellowship among friends and colleagues as well as a wonderful lunch provided by MCL Cafeteria.  Following the luncheon and presentation, short reports were given covering an April 9th trip to the Statehouse, continued legislative issues that may effect the membership, as well as announcing participants and awards for the upcoming IRTA Representative Assembly.

The last important item of the meeting was the installation of the new 2019-2021 officers.  The new officers promised to lead and support the organization to the best of their abilities and the membership promised to support their new officers.  Brenda Walls will assume the office of President, Paul Lockhart will begin the two year term of President-Elect, Ann Bartley will continue as Secretary, and Linda Afdahl will continue as the association Treasurer.


August 2019 – Terre Haute Police Department, Autumn Service Project, and New Service Project

VCRTA members enjoyed the August 2019 luncheon of food and fellowship with one another before an informative presentation by Terre Haute Police Department Public Information Officer, Ryan Adamson.  Officer Adamson gave a great overview of how to avoid being a victim of scams, listened to concerns about community coverage by the police department, and talked about some of the challenges the Terre Haute Police Department is facing.  Officer Adamson even enlightened our crowd by answering a question he typically gets asked by school age children….”yes, police officers do enjoy donuts.”

August also kicks off our Autumn Service Project.  In the past, VCRTA has always collected school supplies for local elementary schools.  This year,  VCRTA decided to collect school supplies for a local middle school, Woodrow Wilson Middle School.  In addition to the full table of school supplies, VCRTA members donated $90 to Woodrow Wilson for the purchase of additional school supplies that might be needed for their students.

VCRTA also kicked off a new service project.  Following the experiences of a few members who underwent days of worrying about loved ones in local hospital intensive care units (ICUs), members donated magazines that will be distributed to the Union Hospital and Regional Hospital ICUs.  This new service project will be an ongoing as we collect magazines at luncheons for the foreseeable future.

Three members who were recognized at the IRTA Representative Assembly in June 2019 for their volunteer efforts were recognized by our organization.  Each person’s volunteering effort story was presented to the entire organization.

VCRTA welcomed newly retired teachers to the luncheon.  We invite all newly retired teachers to join the organization at future events.


October 2019 – Veterans Memorial Museum Of Terre Haute

The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association enjoyed a wonderful presentation by local business owner and operator of the Veterans Memorial Museum of Terre Haute, Mr. Brian Mundell.  Mr. Mundell recounted his life-long fascination with military history from the time he was in elementary school.  He stressed that this museum is his small way of honoring veterans from all branches of military service during both peacetime and war.

His collection of authentic military items started after his first trip to Normandy in 2004 and includes a variety of military memorabilia from World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam conflict, Persian Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Mr. Mundell recounted his numerous trips to Normandy and the appreciation that the French still express to any American that visits even today.  Mr. Mundell also described his trips to Japan and locations in the South China Sea.  The Veterans Memorial Museum of Terre Haute is open on most Saturday’s and is located on Wabash Avenue.

VCRTA members also heard reports from the Community Service chairperson about the upcoming Bell Ringing project, the Membership chairperson regarding membership booklets and membership cards, as well as a short discussion from the Legislative Affairs chairperson regarding the “13th check”.

Members were reminded that volunteer hours would be collected at the December luncheon.


December 2019 – Holiday Music Celebration

Members of VCRTA were given a special presentation of holiday music this year.  We were treated to a vocal performance of the Woodrow Wilson Choir.  This is a special performance as this is the first time the men and women of the choir have performed together this season.

VCRTA members whom had passed away during 2019 were recognized during the Necrology ceremony.  Volunteer hours for 2019 were collected and will be reported to the Indiana Retired Teachers Association and to the association during the February luncheon.

Results of the VCRTA winter service project (Salvation Army Bell Ringing) have not been provided yet but will be reported once received.  While the Salvation Army had a local goal of raising $120,000, VCRTA is anxiously hoping to have collected more this year than in 2018.


VCRTA Volunteering Efforts In 2019

Members of the Vigo County Retired Teachers Association volunteer throughout the entire year and at a number of locations throughout the county.  We are going to use this page to highlight some of the volunteering efforts of our members in 2019.

We will be creating a “Volunteering in 2020” page as our members begin their outreach to the community in 2020.  Check back periodically to see new volunteering activities in the community and don’t forget to send in your “Volunteering Selfies” to VCRTA.


This year was packed with a number of volunteering efforts.  Our Retirement Planning team of Jennie L. and Teresa H. made sure to provide an informative educational session for current Vigo County School Corporation members that were considering retirement.  Our Spring Service project included a food/snack drive to support the Terre Haute Catholic Charities Backpack program.  Member Linda A. volunteered in local classrooms teaching fun economic lessons sponsored by Junior Achievement.  Member Karen L. volunteered for the Salvation Army School Supply effort.  Member Helen J. helped coordinate our Autumn Service project included a school supply collection and monetary donation to a local middle school.  Our members have also been donating magazines that are dropped off at both local hospital intensive care unit waiting rooms.

Our organization capped off the year with our annual Bell Ringing Winter Service project to support the local Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign.  In year’s past, our members rang the bell at one location.  This year, we expanded our volunteer efforts to two different locations in Vigo County.  Members Teresa H., Sharon M., Brenda W., Glenda H., Vicki C., Julia B., Millie V., Jennie L., Carol C., Dave L., LeAnna L., Dianna W., Bill L., Suzanne J., Nancy E., Saundra N., Dee H., Judy M., Dorothy S., Karen L., Kathie D., JoAnne B., Ruth I., Ann B., Helen J., Sharon P., Guy D., Mary Helen F., Diane J.,  Janella K., Suzy R., Bertie S., Sandy B., Pattie C., Jim C., Ken P., Susan P., Karen P-K., and Diane S. rang the bell at two different locations over the course of four days joining as many as many as 25,000 bell ringers at the same time across the country.