Part of VCRTA’s mission is “…to improve, through serving others, the quality of life for the retired…” but members also make significant and important contributions to the greater community.  As teachers and administrators, VCRTA’s members taught the importance of helping others.  We continue to put those lessons into practice today.

Goodwill – (a) cheerful readiness to do something (b) a kind feeling of approval and support, benevolent interest, or concern (c) cheerful consent, willing effort (d) a kind, helpful, or friendly feeling or attitude

Reviewing the definition of Goodwill, members of VCRTA take to heart the “cheerful readiness to do something.”  No matter if it is volunteering to a number of worthwhile organizations and programs in Vigo County, providing monetary assistance to help the youth of Vigo County learn and grow through educational programs, or supporting state-wide efforts to assist their fellow retired teachers that are facing difficult situations, the VCRTA members have a cheerful readiness to do many things.

Check out VCRTA’s goodwill efforts as volunteers, as grant providers, and as helping hands to those in need.