Helping Teachers In Difficult Times

“A Hand UP” is a program set up by the Indiana Retired Teachers Foundation to provide financial assistance for an immediate need of an IRTA member who is undergoing a temporary or emergency hardship.  The assistance is intended for a one-time, short-term need and not for extended support.

The maximum award is $1,000 per application.  Examples of need include, but not limited to:  housing expenses, health care, transportation, legal assistance, nutrition, etc.

The VCRTA, along with other local chapters of the IRTA, helps support the “A Hand UP” program through contributions.  VCRTA members may contribute to the program during the luncheons or may do so directly to the Indiana Retired Teachers Foundation.

If you are interested in the “A Hand UP” program for yourself or for another retired teacher, please connect with the Indiana Retired Teachers Association.  Guidelines and applications are available through the IRTA.