Member Services

As a VCRTA member, there are many things that you are responsible for doing. The Association wants to make it easier for you by providing new options.

The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association is providing some new ways to complete some of those things we do as members.

Using the web to complete things may not be for you. If not, continue doing things as you have in the past; however, if you feel comfortable doing things through the web, this new Member Services page is for you.

There are different sections on this web page that deal with different aspects of association membership.

We hope it is convenient. Please let us know so we can evaluate how to best serve our members.


The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association uses the dues that our members pay to run our association. Members pay dues on an annual basis and we begin to collect dues in June, the beginning of our “fiscal” year.

Annual Membership – $10.00 (effective June 2018).

If you are unsure if you have paid the current year’s dues, please contact our Membership Chairperson(s) for clarification.

If you have not yet paid your annual dues, we urge you to do so immediately. It is never too late to pay your annual dues.

Until our online Marketplace is operational, your only options to pay dues are either to pay at a luncheon or mail a check to the Membership Chairperson(s).

VCRTA encourages all of our members to remain current with their dues. It makes our financial planning much easier but more importantly, it keeps you engaged as an active member of our association.

Contact Information

Your contact information is one of the most important pieces of information that we need in order to keep in touch with you. No matter if it is to reach out to you about an upcoming luncheon, the cancellation of a meeting, or sending you the next edition of our association’s newsletter, your contact information is the way we can stay in touch.

If you need to update your contact information, you can either contact the VCRTA Membership Chairperson directly or you may submit the new/updated contact information through this online form. Either way, your information will be updated.

We want to thank you in advance for keeping the VCRTA records updated and current.

New Contact Information:


As a member of the Vigo County Retired Teachers Association, hopefully you are aware of the importance of community service and volunteering.

Members volunteer their time to worthy organizations, activities, and events in the community. Since 2005, our association has volunteered over 300,000 hours in the community. We are an association with service in our hearts.

Each year, VCRTA collects information about our collective volunteering efforts. Typically, our association collects this information at the December luncheon.

We are aware that not all of our members are able to attend the December luncheon but we suspect that you still volunteer in the community somehow.

We are asking you to do two things to help us out:

  • Take and send us a “Volunteering Selfie“.
  • Most importantly, report your volunteer hours.

The “Volunteering Selfie” is nothing more than a quick photo of you volunteering in the community. We just ask that you send us pictures from your smart phone or the digital files from a camera.

You can send your photos and a brief description of the volunteering effort to the VCRTA email address (

We are also providing a link to this year’s Volunteer Hours form. If you want to keep track of your volunteer hours during the year or cannot attend the December luncheon, please print and fill out this form and then send it to the VCRTA Community Service Chairperson.

VCRTA is also providing a feature where you can submit your Volunteer Hours online.

Please select whichever option is best for you.


Our members are important to our association even after their passing. The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association takes great efforts throughout the year to record any active member’s death.

Any member that passes during a year is recognized during a solemn ceremony at our December luncheon.

We also understand the grief associated with the passing of a loved one. VCRTA does not want to extend your grief by sending newsletters to the home of your loved one.

We kindly ask that you inform us of your loved one’s passing so that we can update our records and help us recognize the loss.

Deceased Member’s Information: