As a method to improve our interaction and communication with our members, the Vigo County Retired Teachers Association began creating newsletters to reach out to all of our Active and Honorary members.

We are proud of the content and quality of our newsletters that are distributed to our membership in Vigo County and to members near and far no matter where they are in the country now.

We have included digital copies of each prior newsletter for your enjoyment.

2024 Newsletter

After an extended absence, VCRTA returns with “The Connection” newsletter for all of our members. Our newsletters continue to be an invaluable way of keeping our members “connected“.

2022 Newsletters

As life begins to return to “normal”, VCRTA is continuing to distribute newsletters to our members. Our newsletters have become an invaluable way of keeping our members “connected“. Our newsletter, The Connection”, may be even more important now than when we first began creating them in 2019.

2021 Newsletters

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to wreak havoc on life in general and our association as well. VCRTA has been able to secure sponsors so that we could reach out to our members near and far to keep everyone “connected“.

VCRTA received an IRTA “Outstanding Newsletter” award for our efforts.

2020 Newsletters

As we continue to evaluate the best frequency and options for mailing our newsletters, especially considering the challenge of securing sponsors and the spread of a new global pandemic, VCRTA changed to a semi-annual newsletter.

VCRTA received an IRTA “Outstanding Newsletter” award for our efforts.

2019 Newsletters

VCRTA began creating and distributing newsletters in 2019. Titled “The Connection“, our newsletter was imagined as a vehicle to reach out and connect to each VCRTA member near and far.

We received an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the newsletters. Our members seemed to enjoy our association’s outreach.

VCRTA received an IRTA “Outstanding Newsletter” award for our efforts.

Newsletter Sponsorship

The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association attempts to secure external sponsors for each newsletter. Printing costs and postage to reach our vast network of members results in a costly endeavor to mail out newsletters to each Active and Honorary member.

If you are interested in supporting our newsletter efforts to reach our nearly 300 members, we would greatly appreciate any donation.

Please consider contacting any of our association’s officers or reach out to VCRTA through our Contact page with your desire to donate. Once our VCRTA Market comes online, you will be able to make online donations to support this newsletter effort.


Are you a VCRTA member and having issues with the newsletter? We value each of our members! The Vigo County Retired Teachers Association really does not want any of our members to be experiencing issues with our association or the newsletters.

While we do not want our members experiencing problems with anything related to VCRTA, many of our communications are directly related to our Membership records information, and/or policies. If our information is not current, we desperately need your help to correct the issue.

  • Are you not receiving a newsletter?
  • Is your newsletter going to the wrong address?
  • Are you receiving a newsletter for a family member that has passed away?

We request that you contact our Membership Committee to let them know about your issues and update your information. We should be able to solve the issues you are experiencing quickly.